Product Photography for Tea Tonic

Some of us love coffee, some of us love a stiff drink and others love a good cup of tea. I’m one of those who LOVE tea and so you could probably imagine my excitement when I was booked to take photographs of a selection of the excellent Tea Tonic range.
Tea Tonic ishoot image for blog
The brand is making its way into MYER stores across Australia and as such there was a need for high quality photography. The brief was simple; White background, no harsh shadows, evenly balanced lighting, sharp high resolution images and well saturated colourful images. While there are naive businesses that think they can get this kind of quality from using a smart phone, (I have to laugh because unless you’re a Photoshop wizard who specialises in making those ‘Shot on iPhone’ billboards, which 99.999% of people can’t do, then you simply can not use a photo taken on a smart phone) Tea Tonic is no such company.
A total of 31 different tea’s were captured over a duration of 7 hours. Yes, it really does take that long to do a product shoot properly to the highest of standards! Each tea box and tin (cady) had to be photographed from many different angles and then finally each tea had to have a ‘lifestyle’ shot. This is where the magic really happened, as you can see from some of the photos in this blog post. Scattering the tea leaves, positioning the packaging and making the image look just as mouth watering and tasty as a cup of tea itself too time to get right, however the results speak for themselves.

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You can find the Tea Tonic range in MYER stores near you!