It’s All About Lighting!

It came as a simple brief…”Capture our LED face masks” Simple enough right?
Next request “Oh, and the LED’s need to be turned on, but we need to see the detail in the mask without the lighting blowing out and being over exposed“.
Time to get creative! So we start with getting the background exposed (or under exposed in this case) then we turn the LED’s on and adjust the exposure so they have the right amount of spill light come from them. Lastly we add soft lighting to the front of the mask.
Yes, this sounds easy when you read it however getting this right does take time. That’s why photo shoots can take several hours. Then of course there’s the editing too which takes time.
All together this photo shoot comprised of 7 different LED shades/colours. We had to capture them from the front, rear and sides as well as the machine they are attached too and how they look and work with clients. Several hours were spent on location and just as many editing.
Do you have a product that you want to feature in a creative way that stands out and grabs peoples attention?

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