Boutique Watches

Floyd Michel are a boutique company in Melbourne who have a stunning range of wrist watches. Designed for the modern man and crafted with extreme attention to detail these watches offer style, prestige and social standing in a collection of Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Black. And that was the brief: Photos that showcased the power and elegance of these beautifully crafted watches. 

The colour and tones of each piece had to speak for itself and so we captured each watch against a white and a black background. This really helps to make each item pop and focuses your eyes exactly where they need to be. The challenge was also to make this brand new range look just as prestigious as other makers that have dominated the market for decades.
With the subtle use of lighting, reflectors and angles the results came back as stunning as the watches themselves, and with the addition of some fine art editing, Floyd Michel now has a collection of images that can run alongside any competitor and make them look like an industry leader.

Are you a boutique business that aims to place yourself and your products as a market leader? If so, you’ll need boutique photographs to match. If you want the best, then you need to work with the best. Contact us today to plan out and arrange your photoshoot.