Clean, Green & Sustainable

Teslar has electric cars and now the bus industry is rapidly going green. All buses being produced are now powered by batteries; delivering clean, green and sustainable transport. A single charge can last anywhere between 300-500kms which is ample for a full day’s run. With rapid advances in battery technology, it won’t take long for that to double!

When looking ahead at how they plan to market their new range, it was important for our clients to not only showcase their ‘Fully Electric’ buses but also how their vehicles are used on a daily basis. Several months of planning went into what will become the 2023 & 2024 calendars as well as images for their website, socials and publication material too. In the past we have taken the buses across Victoria and captured, from land and air, the vehicles in an array of beautiful, prominent and well-known locations such as the Yarra Valley, The Goldfields and The Great Ocean Road. This time we kept things local and brought a human element into the photography.

Who uses buses? Anybody and everybody! Students going to uni, Parents taking their children to kinder/school, office workers, couples, singles, the elderly and also disabled people. We take bus rides between cities. We take the bus to the shops. We ride on buses to go to school or university. And now we can do it in style, comfort and silence. You don’t know what quiet is until you’ve taken a ride on an electric bus.

Working with models is far different to working with machinery. You need to position and direct the talent, give them things to do and think of, tell them when to look at the camera and when to look away. We have been working with models and people in general in-front of the camera for years and so we know exactly how to bring out the best in someone look to convey the right feel, emotion and vibe.

Perhaps you need a new look and vibe for your business. Why do the same thing again and again when it’s good to change things up once in a while. Get in contact with iShoot Images and see what we can do for you!

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It’s Time To Get Real Estate

The property market is booming right now as people recover from lockdown-life and the economy starts to bounce back. The real estate market in Melbourne has been crazy busy for the past 6 months and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down yet.

Selling real estate comes down to a great marketing campaign, and you can’t markert a property without photos! We photographed this stunning townhouse in Melbourne’s western suburbs for one of our clients, Opti Homes, and it looks stunning! Long, deep and so much space – and that is exactly what good real estate photography needs to show.
We’ve been providing photography and video services to the real estate industry for over 12 years in all styles – from the standard ‘V’ style to ‘editorial’ style all the way to architectural. Be it Day-time photos or Dusk photos, each agency has a look and style they prefer to make every one of their listings stand out amongst the many others online.
We’ve been providing photography and video services to the real estate industry for over 12 years in all styles – from the standard ‘V’ style to ‘editorial’ style all the way to architectural. Be it Day-time photos or Dusk photos, each agency has a look and style they prefer to make every one of their listings stand out amongst the many others online.
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As Yummy As It Looks

We live in a culture where good food and drinks are not just an essential element in our daily lives but it’s also an art form. Every cafe, restaurant and eatery has I own unique style and offerings, all designed to not only taste amazing but to elevate your sensations when you see each dish.

Ripe Café in Sassafras is a gem of the Dandenong Ranges and they offer a modern range of culinary delights. We recently captured images for their website and social media pages, which included their menu range. While seeing an item listed on a menu, in this modern world it’s vital to see what each dish looks like. And that’s where we come in to capture the food with perfect lighting and then making it pop by lifting the contrast and colours later.

If you own a hospitality business and need to update your menu, or capture the magic of your dishes to your customers then contact us today to arrange your shoot.

Office Fit-Out and Testimonial Video

Photography is a great way to showcase work completed and if a photo speaks a thousand words then a video speaks millions!

Recently we captured photos of an office renovation and fit-out for one of our clients and we also produced a client testimonial too. Client testimonials are a great way of letting potential customers all about you, your staff, your product and the quality of work.

The video below is one such testimonial.
When it comes to marketing your business, service and products thought must be given to all types of media. Combining photography and video is the absolute best way to get maximum reach and get the results you need.
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New Life – New Kitchen

A renovation can turn a tired old house, or room, into a stylish new modern masterpiece. This stunning kitchen has been designed and installed into a house that is over 30 years old, located in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.


Our client specialises in kitchen and bathroom builds and renovations and they wanted images of both editorial style and ‘Real Estate’ style images (showcasing big open spaces). We have been specialising in architectural and real estate photography for over 10 years and this kind of work is what we love doing most!

Using a combination of wide angle lenses and standard lenses, this archives the exact look that is needed to showcase amazing renovations such as this. It’s all about showing lifestyle, space and style.
Are you a builder or renovation company that requires amazing images of yoru projects for your website and social media pages? Contact us today to arrange your next photo shoot!

Boutique Watches

Floyd Michel are a boutique company in Melbourne who have a stunning range of wrist watches. Designed for the modern man and crafted with extreme attention to detail these watches offer style, prestige and social standing in a collection of Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Black. And that was the brief: Photos that showcased the power and elegance of these beautifully crafted watches. 

The colour and tones of each piece had to speak for itself and so we captured each watch against a white and a black background. This really helps to make each item pop and focuses your eyes exactly where they need to be. The challenge was also to make this brand new range look just as prestigious as other makers that have dominated the market for decades.
With the subtle use of lighting, reflectors and angles the results came back as stunning as the watches themselves, and with the addition of some fine art editing, Floyd Michel now has a collection of images that can run alongside any competitor and make them look like an industry leader.

Are you a boutique business that aims to place yourself and your products as a market leader? If so, you’ll need boutique photographs to match. If you want the best, then you need to work with the best. Contact us today to plan out and arrange your photoshoot. 

The sun sets on lockdown!

After months of being locked away and forced to hit the pause button on our photography business, we are back with a vengeance providing our clients in Melbourne and regional Victoria with our creative services.
A shoot that was ear-marked for just as Melbourne went into Stage #4 Lock Down was recently completed and to be honest the two month wait was worth it. Spring is here and all the trees and flowers are back in bloom and this makes for the most perfect scenic conditions.
We took several V/Line coaches into Ballarat and took them to many of the famous and popular landmarks: Town Hall, the Post Office, the Avenue of Honour, Ballarat Lake and Sovereign Hill. Images were taken both on the ground and in the air with our drone service and the results were absolutely amazing, as you can see for yourself. The purple livery of the PTV V/Line coaches along with the greenery and the amazing architecture that Ballarat has to offer, combined with stunning sunsets has given these images the edge and wow factor.
Now that Melbourne is slowly on the way to recovery, so are we! To begin with we are taking bookings for Product Photography, Food Photography, Real Estate Photography and Transport Photography. Due to covid rules and social distancing we are not currently taking bookings for portrait photography in any form, however we are hopeful that this will change towards the end of 2020.
Let’s get our lives underway again and back into full swing. When you need photography, and no doubt to attract clients back to your business for 2021, you will; contact us today!

Delicious Sweet Breakfast

Food is a massive part of our culture. We love watching TV shows about it, dining out, getting it delivered, talking about it, getting creative with it and of course eating it. A good majority of us also have quite the sweet tooth.


Recently we captured these amazing waffles; and they taste as good as they look! Crunchy bites of chocolate, sweet berries and crisp peanuts all go into making these waffles some of the most mouthwatering we’ve seen.

Every business that sells and makes good needs to show their culinary delights in the best way. We at iShoot Images specialise one food photography and styling, so we need to be your first point of call.


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Last Light of Autumn

With all it’s ups and downs 2020 has been a year of seasons that actually reflect their traditional weather patterns. Transport and Tourism photography make up a big part of what we do here at iShoot Images and our client was very keen to have their buses captured in an Autumnal setting.

The cold mornings and deep blue skies have made for perfect conditions recently, and along with that have been stunning sunrises and sunsets.
Taking the buses into the Dandenong Ranges gave us the perfect setting for what we needed and the client is absolutely in love with these photographs. Let’s face it, in weather like this, Buses, Trucks or Trains would look stunning in such a setting.
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