As Yummy As It Looks

We live in a culture where good food and drinks are not just an essential element in our daily lives but it’s also an art form. Every cafe, restaurant and eatery has I own unique style and offerings, all designed to not only taste amazing but to elevate your sensations when you see each dish.

Ripe Café in Sassafras is a gem of the Dandenong Ranges and they offer a modern range of culinary delights. We recently captured images for their website and social media pages, which included their menu range. While seeing an item listed on a menu, in this modern world it’s vital to see what each dish looks like. And that’s where we come in to capture the food with perfect lighting and then making it pop by lifting the contrast and colours later.

If you own a hospitality business and need to update your menu, or capture the magic of your dishes to your customers then contact us today to arrange your shoot.