Clean, Green & Sustainable

Teslar has electric cars and now the bus industry is rapidly going green. All buses being produced are now powered by batteries; delivering clean, green and sustainable transport. A single charge can last anywhere between 300-500kms which is ample for a full day’s run. With rapid advances in battery technology, it won’t take long for that to double!

When looking ahead at how they plan to market their new range, it was important for our clients to not only showcase their ‘Fully Electric’ buses but also how their vehicles are used on a daily basis. Several months of planning went into what will become the 2023 & 2024 calendars as well as images for their website, socials and publication material too. In the past we have taken the buses across Victoria and captured, from land and air, the vehicles in an array of beautiful, prominent and well-known locations such as the Yarra Valley, The Goldfields and The Great Ocean Road. This time we kept things local and brought a human element into the photography.

Who uses buses? Anybody and everybody! Students going to uni, Parents taking their children to kinder/school, office workers, couples, singles, the elderly and also disabled people. We take bus rides between cities. We take the bus to the shops. We ride on buses to go to school or university. And now we can do it in style, comfort and silence. You don’t know what quiet is until you’ve taken a ride on an electric bus.

Working with models is far different to working with machinery. You need to position and direct the talent, give them things to do and think of, tell them when to look at the camera and when to look away. We have been working with models and people in general in-front of the camera for years and so we know exactly how to bring out the best in someone look to convey the right feel, emotion and vibe.

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